Wilderness Trail Distillery visitation rises 155% in 2016

Danville, KY. – Wilderness Trail Distillery had 13,150 guests visit their distillery in 2016, an increase of 155 percent from 2015 visitor figures. The craft Kentucky Bourbon distillery moved locations last year to a 22-acre campus in the rolling Bluegrass hills outside of Danville that has allowed them to increase production from one to a maximum of 20 barrels of whiskey per day. Wilderness Trail also added a new rickhouse in 2016 that increased barrel aging capacity to over 13,000 barrels.

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Wilderness Trail Distillery Filling Second Barrel House

First Barrels Filling the Second Barrel HouseThe first barrels rolled into Wilderness Trail Distillery’s 10,800 Barrel House in November and it is slowly filling as the distillery produces 12 barrels of Bourbon a day.

Barrel-house B, which borders the distillery’s new home at 4095 Lebanon Road, was built by Buzick Construction of Bardstown. Distillery owners Shane Baker and Pat Heist anxiously awaited the completion as Barrel-house A was at capacity of 2,100 barrels.

Since moving to the distillery’s new location in June 2016, daily production increased from making 1 barrel of Bourbon a day to 12 barrels. The distillery’s first Bourbon went in the barrel in December 2013.

Wilderness Trail Distillery lines up 2017 events

In addition to the first scheduled release of its Bourbon in December 2017, the distillery at 4095 Lebanon Road has several events set for this year to appeal to visitors.

A Taste of Danville

April 29th

A Taste Danville features Danville restaurant's providing sample portions, music and Wilderness Trail offering a full array of spirited cocktails, beer and wine.

The Wilderness Trail Rod Run

May 20th

A chance for classic car enthusiasts to win door prizes and to enjoy refreshing drinks and food.

Bourbon Science

June 7th
10am – 2pm

Bourbon Science is part of the coveted Kentucky Bourbon Trail’s Bourbon Affair, a weeklong series of events June 6-11.

This event is a chance to explore the science behind Bourbon making by tasting and experiencing the differences between Kentucky water sources, various grains and processing, mash recipes, and yeast strains. Participants also will examine how bacteria and other microbes play a role in flavor development.

The event concludes with a scientific walk-through of the Bourbon making process and a look at barrel aging and exclusive selection and tasting of various Wilderness Trail Bourbons and Rye Whiskeys. Everyone will receive a special edition bottle of the Settlers Select Rye Whiskey, which has yet to be released and is not available to the public. A Bourbon-themed luncheon with the experts offers everyone the opportunity for additional discussion and interaction. Cost is $125 and is limited to 30 participants. Tickets available at kybourbonaffair.