Wilderness Trail Distillery

how It Works

Wilderness Trail still and copper condenser.Our all copper Vendome pot still has a hand hammered copper whiskey helmet. The whiskey helmet is the first copper surface area to interact with the alcohol vapors and will give us our first distillation pass of anything we distill, one pot still pass will make a good moonshine, but we want something better.

After the Pot Still & Whiskey Helmet...Our bourbon will require more refining to fit our taste, so those vapors will leave the whiskey helmet and go into our custom four plate column designed for producing our fine Bourbon white dog. Before coming out a cool liquid from the condenser, the alcohol vapors will have been refined several times by passing through the bubblecaps in all four of the plates and then condensing in our all copper condenser. We will collect that raw whiskey around 145 proof and proof it down to the optimal proof for aging in the barrel at 114 proof. Our bourbon ages in new charred oak barrels for 4-5 years at a minimal, maybe longer, but until they are mature.

Our Vodka quality is a lot more demanding and we have designed the still to produce a very unique vodka. We will distill to the azeotropic limit within our columns, for the purest product and only retain the heart cut and dispose of the lessor quality alcohol. These special alcohol vapors will travel for nearly eight hours from the traditional pot still, into the whiskey helmet, up through the four plate bourbon column with bubblecap's and finally through the final twelve plate column with bubblecap's and down the copper condenser. We will then take that high proof spirit and multiple-distill it to produce our pure Blue Heron Vodka, which we offer at 80 proof and unfiltered for the character of a Bourbon Drinker’s Vodka.

17 Distillations points, what does that mean?

Close-up of WTD copper condenser.Each time alcohol is removed from a fermented substance and recaptured as purified alcohol it goes from a liquid state to a vapor state and back to a liquid state...that is a single distillation. It also will go from a low proof alcohol in the fermented substance to a high proof alcohol once distilled. Our Vodka vapors will do this each time over 16 plates during each distillation pass. Each "distillation plate" increases the proof required to reach 190 proof required for Vodka, while each “distillation pass” purifies the alcohol by removing part of the unwanted volatiles in the stillage, due to changing boiling points and other unwanted compounds as it comes into contact with all of the copper surfaces. So to reach a higher proof, a lot of “distillation points” are required and “multiple-distillation passes” are required to create a smooth tasting spirit.