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Wilderness Trail Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bottled in Bond & Single Barrel Releases

Our three grain mash bill of locally grown corn, wheat and malted barley is ground on-site through our hammer mill and fermented from a complicated “Sweet Mash” process, unlike the typical sour mash found in other brands. The limited Pot Still production bourbon is made in single 400 gallon batches that yield exactly one barrel of bourbon for a single batch—single barrel bourbon. We enter the 53 gallon, #4 char barrels at 114 proof and age until maturity, in the lower tiers in the summer and upper tiers in the winter, in our two story traditional warehouse and to be bottled at maturity from a single barrel. Our true small batch fermentation process allows for precise fermentation control and our sweet mash process provides our consistent full flavorful spirit using our FP1 yeast strain.

Wilderness Trail Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Small Batch Release

Our three grain mash bill of locally grown corn, wheat and malted barley is ground on-site through our hammer mill and fermented from a complicated “Sweet Mash” process using our FP921 yeast strain. This limited production bourbon is made in 4000 gallon batches and distilled in our 40’ tall Vendome copper column still and doubler, producing around 10-12 barrels of double distilled whiskey per batch to make up our Wilderness Trail Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Small Batch release. Our high wine from the doubler is 135 proof, as with all of our spirits, we only add HighBridge limestone filtered spring water to obtain a barreling proof of 110 for our bourbon. Our barrels are air dried and charred to#4 and aged in the mid-section of our two story warehouse.

Wilderness Trail Settlers Select Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Our Settlers Select whiskey is offered as example(s) of using seasonal grains as the primary grain, such as rye or soft winter wheat. Settlers Select is primarily our Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey; however limited releases of a Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey should be expected. Settlers Select Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey is an old traditional three grain recipe with 56% rye, we use Kentucky Rye, Corn and Malt and we grind these grains on-site with our hammer mill and ferment in 4000 gallon batches using our natural Sour Mash process and our FP921 yeast strain. We distill our Rye through our Vendome copper column and doubler, coming off the still at 135 proof. We enter the new air dried #4 char, 53 gallon barrels at 100 proof for our rye whiskey and age until maturity in a top to bottom of the warehouse format for our Settlers Select Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey.

Sweet Mash Process

Awards of our spirtsWhat's the big deal about "Sweet Mash" verses "Sour Mash", in simple terms?

Sweet Mash deals with starting off with a pure clean mash and ending up with a pure tasting spirit verses residue congeners from the previous batch. We do this to assure we do not mask the true flavor of the grains from our clean process with the goal of making a smooth consistent tasting product.

Sweet mash has been said to produce a softer spirit that highlights more of the grain flavors, charred barrel extracts and requires less remediation aging than sour mash grain processes.

Learn more by visiting us and soon you will be able to taste for yourself.

Blüe Heron Vodka

Blue Heron vodka on WTD barrel in front of stillOur Blüe Heron vodka is known as the Bourbon Drinkers Vodka! We offer our Blue Heron Vodka unfiltered to highlight the quality grains and smoothness, we don’t have to charcoal filter anything out of ours! Our award winning Vodka’s mash bill is influenced from our Bourbon Mash bill and is an equal blend of Corn and Wheat. Our Vodka is multiple-distilled from our copper pot still and two copper columns containing 16 distillation plates, our unique still design provides major advantages over regular in-line columns and is one of the secrets behind it’s smoothness. Our corn and wheat grain is grown within 3 miles of our distillery and milled on-site for the freshest flavor. The distillation process for Vodka is the longest of all spirits as we must distill to over 190 proof to legally become Vodka. We are one the only craft distillery along with a select few large producers capable of making a spirit as complicated as Blue Heron Vodka here in Kentucky, which requires a column system to reach the higher proof. Another key difference in our Vodka taste is our pure highbridge limestone spring water that you will only find in all of our spirits.

Harvest Rum LabelBHV Blüe Mule

  • Fill with Ice
  • 1 1/2 oz Blüe Heron
  • 1/2 lime squeezed & garnished
  • Fill with ginger beer

Blüe Heron Cosmo

  • 2 parts Blüe Heron Vodka with craisin’s infusion
  • 3 parts 100% cranberry juice
  • 1 part Triple Sec Liqueur

Take 8 oz of craisins and add to a re-sealable container, a quart mason jar works well. Add 4oz of Blüe Heron Vodka then muddle the craisins for 3 minutes. Fill jar to the top with remaining Blüe Heron Vodka, seal container and let infusion take place for 3 days.

After infusion, strain craisins from the Blüe Heron Vodka then squeeze craisins through strainer to get the residual vodka out. Add remaining ingredients in the proper ratio based on the amount of infused Blüe Heron Vodka used. If needed, add spring water to taste.

Vodka & Tonic

  • 2oz Blüe Heron Vodka
  • Tonic Water
  • Splash of ginger beer
  • Lime wedge

Pour Blüe Heron Vodka into a highball glass over ice. Fill with tonic water, stir and top with a splash of ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Harvest Rum - a Kentucky Sorghum Spirit

Harvest Rum LabelHarvest Rum is very unique and handmade from locally grown Kentucky sweet sorghum molasses. We like to call our award winning Harvest Rum–the Bourbon Drinkers Rum as it presents itself with a Bourbon front and sweet rum finish when enjoyed neat. Danny Townsend, in Mt. Sterling, is the foremost expert on sorghum molasses and his farm hand picks the batches that turn into our Harvest Rum. Sorghum is of the cane-grass family, being we are using the molasses processed from the cane sorghum allows it be classified as a US Gold Rum but it is not like your typical cane sugar rum. The process starts with squeezing the fresh cut stalk to get all of the sweet juice before that is cooked down to remove the water and impurities the old fashion way, by hand and by Danny himself. The spirit is offered at 90 proof and slightly aged for several months in used Kentucky Bourbon barrels, creating a sweet finish and great sipping rum. Of course it’s always a welcomed addition to your favorite cocktail mix such as a Whiskey Sour or Rum Runner for example.

Harvest Rum Banana Flambé

Summer Harvest

  • 1 part Harvest Rum
  • 1 part frozen concentrated lemonade
  • 1 part pulp free orange juice
  • 2 parts spring water

Mix in 2 parts spring water, 1 part each of remaining ingredients using lemonade container as a measuring cup. For a frozen drink substitute ice for the water and throw it in a blender.